Print your dice stickers

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Alternatively, you can also download a ZIP file of each dice side here : Eternal Conflict, Parting Words, Altered Paths.

On-demand PDF file

Our fan made material are mostly reusing existing dice. If you want to print our new dice, or if you want a die which is going to match with the cards' artwork, you can select here which ones you need, and generate a ready-to-print PDF file.

In order to cut and apply the stickers, a neat option is to buy from an online vendor pre-cut label sheets for inkjet or laser type printers. The dice you can see in the picture above are made from glossy inkjet labels. Those labels are 19mm (.75 inches) wide, and while they might be considered a bit on the larger side, they will still hold well on your existing Destiny dice. Check the list at the top of this page (in the selection field) for different online vendors ; you will be able to format the PDF according to each sheet specification.

When applying the stickers on your die :

  • After applying the first side, apply the 2nd, 3rd and 4th side to the right side of the one you just applied
  • The 5th side goes on the top side of the die
  • The 6th side goes on the bottom side of the die We also recommend taking an existing die as an example in order to get the orientation of the sticker right.

Blank or reused dice

If you are missing dice, consider buying cheap old cards on CardMarket. You can also find old dice on other online shops, like LaserGaming. Or you can even find real 22mm colored dice on marketplace like AliExpress (alternative) or Amazon.

Printing tips

We advise going for glossy inkjet paper, but you will also need a capable printer in order to get the best results.

Although the generated PDF will follow the exact format provided by the vendor, you should try to print one black and white page with your printer first, in order to check that it will be accurate enough. There is often a very small difference, but noticeable only when you print small labels. Also, pay attention to the orientation of your file, as the top and bottom margins may be different. If you notice that your printer is not aligned, you can force a small difference by regenerating your PDF file, and changing the margins value.