Play with our cards online

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We developed a simple way allowing players around the world to play some Destiny games online, without having to install anything. Go to our card database (DB link above) and create your account. You'll be able to create your own decks (but that's not mandatory) and to access our online game lobby. Following modes are available :

Please keep it mind that this game lobby, as the whole TCI project, is a volunteer fan made project, for other fans personal pleasure, and we will never ask any money for it.

The Old Way - Tabletop Simulator

In order to play with our cards on Tabletop Simulator (TTS), you need to install the Super Destiny Mod. It is not available anymore on Steam, but you can download it hereunder and install it in the "Mods/Workshop" directory of your TTS files.

One launched, before importing your deck, just import the .json file called "TheCoruscantInitiative-deck.json" onto your table. Take the cards out of the bag and place them on the side of the table. And that's it, you're good to go! If you are encountering an issue with a die not popping-up correctly, you will be able to find every dice inside the bag as well.

TableTopSimulator Files Download
Archive containing the old TTS mod "Super Destiny" ZIP
Bag containing a deck with all cards our released sets (+TR) Download JSON